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Priority Service Agreements for Home Maintenance in Phoenix

If you’re wondering what Priority Service Agreement (PSA) is, that’s ok. Lots of people haven’t heard of them before, but PSAs are an important way to keep home maintenance hassle-free and protect your property for long life — all while saving money!

Benefits of having a Priority Service Agreement from Minuteman Home Services

  • Protects your most important asset: your home
  • A safer home equals more peace of mind for your family
  • Efficiently running plumbing, electrical, heating, and cooling systems will last longer
  • Priority customer response over on-service agreement customers
  • Service tracking and reminders by email or U.S. mail service
  • Only $25 service calls, anytime
  • 10-20% discounts on all service and repairs
  • Never an overtime or after-hours rate increase
  • Agreements are transferable and upgradable
  • Improving efficiency of your systems will save you money
  • Reliable and safer operating systems

PSA levels

Electrical/cooling (spring) and plumbing /heating (fall) inspections and tune-ups along with indoor and outdoor coil cleaning.

Electrical/cooling (spring) and plumbing/heating (fall) inspections and tune-ups.

Electrical OR plumbing and cooling (spring) and heating (fall) inspections and tune-ups.

Only one trade (electrical, plumbing, heating, or cooling) serviced.